Try this pure natural deodorant and you will use it for the rest of your life.

Pure-natural-deodorant provides complete protection against body odor for 24 hours or until the skin is washed.

The quaint word Tawas means White stone, in Visayan, language of the Philippines.

The Tawas Crystal is sold all over the world,in skin clinics and health shops . The deodorant crystal is safe to use and only contains non-toxic minerals. This is the most up to date safe deodorant and yet,has been used in Asia for centuries for body odour.

I have been using this pure-deodorant for over a decade and it supports a little comfort in hot and sticky climates ideal for body odor(even pets) and the spray can lighten the atmosphere in a tent.

desert living

Pure natural deodorant has proved itself of real value in the desert.

100% Natural mineral Salts.

Recommended by professionals, ideal for those who suffer from allergies, sensitive skin,asthmatics and people with health awareness.And for those who care about casting the human shadow across the planet. This method of deodorizing does not upset fragile water balances, we ingest it normally in our food and water,is not harmful to animals and has been available since before the dinosaurs.

Aluminum free.

24 hour protection and very economical to use.

How does it function?

The natural anti-bacterial action eliminates the bacteria that causes the characteristic body odor. Apply the pure-natural-deodorant crystal directly to damp skin and a fine film will cover the surface.

The molecular structure is much too large to pass through into the body and this means that the pores will not be blocked as is common with most normal deodorants, this does not interfere with the natural body processes, but without the associated odour. Evaporation actually helps the body cool and rid itself of toxins.And so this form of deodorizing is ideal in hot climates.

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