Pure natural deodorant............Health conscious?.........Is it good for me.....?

This pure-natural-deodorant salt has effectively been used by people from the far east for at least the last five centuries. There is no need to test it on animals.

It is time that the west got with it! Got the essentials of health.

Became Aluminum-free in its deodorizers. "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison

General health is about positive choice or the preventative choice.As we all adjust to recognizing our potential for change, challenging the shadows that we have cast on our planet. There is one way we can do it.

Tawas pure natural deodorant is a healthy choice

Demand products on minimalistic lines, with information as to variable use, and discretion in the use of plastic. We certainly have some options to modify our carbon footprint.

I have used the Tawas pure deodorant stone for more than a decade and it is incredible how many uses it has.

A little of the crystal will dissolve and cover the skin with a fine microscopic film which effectively neutralizes the bacteria which cause the associated odor

As a practitioner of reflex-ology, I have found that the Tawas crystal is perfect as a discrete way to help with absorbing and evaporating the accumulative toxins from the feet. I encourage a foot-bath for my clients and I lightly dust my hands with the alum crystal.

In a foot-bath, sprinkle a sachet in cool water and soak your feet for twenty minutes. This simple treatment is also beneficial for Athletes-foot and acne

This mineral formation occurs naturally in the earth and has been used for centuries in Asia as a pure and renewable resource. These crystals contain

no alcohol,

no emulsifiers,

no perfume,

absolutely nothing man-made, processed, synthesized or extracted. Hyperallergenic and once known a useful addition to your life.

Pure natural deodorant crystals will not stain your clothes.

You may enjoy a gentle stroll on the anecdotal-history page Commercial antiperspirants all contain Aluminum Chlor-hydrate or Aluminum Zirconium which is ultimately absorbed by the major organs: the liver and kidneys, as well as the brain and bone marrow. Aluminum chlor-hydrate has been linked with Alzheimer’s Disease and breast cancer. This is not alarmist. And there is much research about the link between shaving and parabens, some of it inconclusive.

Publications: New Scientist, 24 January 04, Are deodorants safe? Deodorants plus shaving linked to breast cancer. USA Research.


http://cis.nci.nih.gov/fact Study by Dr Phillippa Darbre from the University of Reading,UK, finding paraben chemicals in cancer tumors.

Alum Crystal, recommended by Richard & Judy in the program on Friday 23 of January 2004 as one of the best natural options. Deodorant Cancer Scare.


The product has been recommended by various organizations as the most effective natural solution.And I believe minimalistic solutions and awareness can activate and cause impetus for change.

I do feel that the informed choice is to use the little 'white-stone crystal',and the question never arises. As a consumer just walk away! knowing that you have reduced your carbon foot print slightly.

desodorantes puro y natural

Complete deodorant protection for 24 hours or until the skin is washed.

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Calling all the curious and young at heart......

Would you like to make a crystal garden?¿ It is so easy and safe with your mums deodorant crystal!!!! You need to know 3 things.

What is a solid-

What is a liquid-

What is a solute-

Chemistry in action!! Magic!

Take the solid, the bits from your mum's pure natural deodorant, keep adding water and stirring in bits of crystal until they dissolve,do thoroughly again! Pour into a little tray and leave in sunlight from a kitchen window.After a few days you will have a lively crystal garden. Choose the best one!!!.... Fill a jar to 3/4with water and keep stirring in bits of crystal until the water cannot dissolve it any more Tie up this little crystal with cotton thread and hang from a pencil over a jar, make sure the solid(crystal) is in the (solute)liquid.

potassium sulphate crystals


Grumbley. P-s- you will remember this bit of chemistry all your lives and when you remember pass this on to your children.We did this at school with copper sulphate crystals. I have never forgotten.