Dear Bri, saw your article and very interested in the idea, but living just down the road to you at Los Molinos with no computer, do not think can commite to such a big project, tho I learn more and more of the herbs around me and will pass on, But thought you might like the idea of this and loving trees as I do thought it was a beautiful idea.

A few years ago, a beautiful friend of mine was dying from cancer, she had a garden with beautiful views over the water meadows. She was encouraged to choose a tree that she felt close to and sit under it each day and literally, exchange breath.
The help and feeling of oneness with the world around her was of great relief to her and she was an inspiration to all of us who knew her.
The herbs I would start with are the ones around me particulary rosemary,basil, mints and fennel. I loved this quote in my herbal under fennel and thought it was fitting for the need to continue our knowledge of all natural things, as you were talking about.
Above the lowly plants it towers,
The fennel, with its yellow flowers,
And in an earlier age than ours,
Was gifted with wonderous powers,
Lost vision to restore.

All good wishes, enjoying the film club when we can get there once a fortnight. Must leave this internet shop now.Barbara

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Jul 07, 2011
by: bri

hello Barbara,
Thank-you for your comments.
I have this thing about living working knowledge that you carry with you(nomadic).
For instance I have had my first success with calendula which I hope to develope.The petals simply steeped in olive oil give a delightful yellow oil which has benefit for the skin. I am blond and have to protect my skin out here in the desert living.
For me this means adding the calendula seeds to my my ·medicine bag and generating uses and freely giving this abundance to all that want to know....11 more to go...............
I am sure we will meet soon.

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