Big Bad black smelly cat.

by Menten Ph.

I live in the desert, hard labour and hot. I was really excited when I first heard about the crystals, but sceptical. I've been working for 15years as a fire-fighter, so I KNOW what sweat is and how it can smell.

A year ago I had a medical problem and I had to take a lot of rather 'strong' medication, I really smelled like a chemical plant.I tried one of Brigitte's natural crystals and it was really magic.It worked so well,no chemicals(you should just once read what they put in your innocent deodorant,it's really crazy).Easy in use,no problems in airports,a very good present, cheap and helping a friend, what do you want more?
In spring I bought a second-hand 'Mongolian' yurt(they're also magic in the desert). I had to restorate and paint it, so I put the felt, canvas and the inside cotton in my carport to ventilate. A big black male cat thought I was invading his territory and he let me know that he was in charge there, and that in a very 'smelly' way.I could cry,the smell was really overwhelming and I knew I could never get it out, and that was my 'home'!
In my panic, I had suddenly an idea, if I washed it and then I put it, a whole night long, in a basket with water and a complete crystal dissolved in it, may be that would help. And indeed, the next morning, ALL the smell was gone, magic!
The cat understood my action, and now we share the yurt, amicably.

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