Are your feet interesting?

Pure-natural-deodorant for the Tender of foot.

Natural alum is a renewable resource,that makes up nearly 8 percent of the earth's crust, which is an awful lot of alum.This presupposes that it is an acceptable ingredient of most life forms, waterways and the plant kingdom and will not upset natural balances. Minimize our carbon footprint!

The Human responsibility is about awareness.

Feet, carry civilizations as they meander through history. To-day we talk about minimizing our carbon foot-print. What does this mean?

The arches of our feet, made up of lots of small bones support us and adjust to weight gain or loss. Being able to walk means that toxins are dispersed by the feet. Hence my interest in reflexology. People who are troubled by smelly feet, are being shown where the body is releasing toxins. Lightly spraying the feet with alum, Pure-natural-deodorant , is soothing and helpful in this release.

Historically and biblically, it would seem that foot-care has always been important,particularly for nomadic peoples.There are references in the Bible,to washing,massaging and perhaps in the case of Jesus electrical cleansing of the feet,this inference may have some credence,as his travels took him to Egypt and India; where there are still trace records of this ancient art. The evidence for relexology or Zone therapy has been collated and updated by a Dr.William Fitzgerald.(1872-1942).

As reasonably sentient life-forms it is unbelievable that we have supported an industrial profusion of antiperspirants with all the hype as to our natural smell, when there is perfectly functional alternative. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and its protective and excretory functions may be hampered by long term use of antiperspirants.

The aesthetics of shaving underarms may be understandable,however this seems to allow the absorption of the parabens from antiperspirants.Certainly parabens of this sort have been located in breast cancer samples!

There is a good chance of a link!

Even experts concede there may be a link between antiperspirants and the parabens found in cancerous cells.

Personally, whilst the jury is out, I have walked away and hope that you will too;use genuine Tawas crystals and free yourself from some of your consumer effect; demonstrate consumer choice.

There will be future articles concerning reflexology which is a work from home situation. As is learning to cast your net on the web and share information. If you would care to know and grow a unique lifestyle do try this link.

If you would like to contribute ideas on reducing your carbon shadow, from a different perspective, I would enjoy to receive your ideas.



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