Pure-natural-deodorant to keep you Tender of foot.

We are in July,the temperature in the shade is 110 degree fahrenheit.This is the ideal climate to test pure natural deodorant.The small white crystal!There have been raging fires breaking out As we are in a semi desert region in the foot hills of the Sierra Alhamilla.Desert living is a very interesting meditation and snapshot of the things that come into your head.

To any reasonable person it is unbelievable that we have supported an industrial profusion of antiperspirants with all the hype as to our natural smell,when there is perfectly functional alternative. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and its protective and excretory functions may be hampered by long term use of antiperspirants. I can well imagine our neanderthal ancestors and hunters making this 'magic' powder to mask the smell/body odor.Useful... Remember that evaporation really helps the body mechanisms cool. This form of deodorizing is ideal for hot climates.People who are troubled by smelly feet, are being shown just where the body is releasing toxins. Lightly spraying the feet with alum, Pure-natural-deodorant , is soothing and helpful in this release.

please read my page on reflexology Natural alum is a renewable resource,that makes up nearly 8 percent of the earth's crust, which is an awful lot of alum.This pre-supposes that it is an acceptable ingredient of most life forms, waterways and the plant kingdom and will not upset natural balances.

Personally, I have walked away and hope that you will too;use genuine Tawas crystals and free yourself from some of your consumer effect; demonstrate consumer and minimalistic choice as a way of being.It is certainly economical. Minimize our carbon footprint! Tenderly.

I have found that foot care at all sorts of levels is crucial here.I have seen some impossibly cracked heels,experienced infections as the result of abrasions,blisters under the feet and yet simply using this pure natural deodorant has proved to be remarkably effective. Historically and biblically, it would seem that foot-care has always been important,particularly for nomads and people living in the desert.There are references in the Bible,to washing,massaging and perhaps in the case of Jesus electrical cleansing of the feet,this inference may have some credence,as his travels apparently took him to Egypt and India.And certainly traces of alum, have been found in the armpits of Tutenkamen,another figure from history. The north American indians were tribal and in some cases nomadic but within their cultures they referred to trees as Standing people. These people certainly demonstrated respect for all life forms. This was an environmentally adept race and part of their wealth was the concept of repairing the earth a little each day.( A stitch in time saves nine ) Gently teasing out from the frills of history what works and is "good" for us is a way of taking some respects into the future with our planet and home........Living in the desert maybe extreme,but certainly has great teachings for self-sufficiency and the quietening of the spirit that allows you to change your reality.

If you would like to contribute ideas on reducing your carbon shadow, from a pro-active,natural and instinctive perspective, I would enjoy to receive your ideas.



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