pure natural deodorant .............................. renewable-resource?.

A pure-natural-deodorant like Tawas alum crystal is easily a harmless renewable-resource. The mineral Alum is a natural element,it is present in our water ways,in the air we breathe, and of course in the food we eat. We naturally ingest 25-60 milligrams a day from food and water sources!

In fact,it has been available for use since before the dinosaurs!

Alum is the 3rd most abundant element in nature and composes 8 percent of the earth's crust.

Surely the pure-natural-deodorant is a renewable resource that sensible consumers can encourage to reduce our toxic effect on the planet. Our carbon footprint.

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Scientific name:

Potassium Alum Sulphate 12-Hydrate or Potassium Alum

Scientific formula:


Potassium alum is widely used as an ingredient in topical astringents (skin applications)

It has a bacteria-static effect: i.e., it inhibits bacterial growth because of the low ph factor (acidity), allows toxins to be eliminated rather than build up and block the pores. This is because the molecular structure is larger than that of the skin and does not permit the return of toxins which are absorbed into the mineral salt.Combines very well with mud-slippers,which DE-tox through the pores of the feet. The act of walking is a free reflexology treatment

No bacteria = no odor = no toxic build-up

The Genuine Tawas Crystal is the result of multiple amorphization processes by unique cutting-edge purification methods. Our alum is 99.95% pure. The remaining 0.05% are different kinds of ionized metals and salts

(no heavy metals, no lead).


Add the magical ingredient, water and you have a hypo-allergenic, pure-natural-deodorant and skin-disinfectant which tidies up the skin after shaving or depilation. As a mineral salt, heals unseen nicks and abrasions. Also it makes sense to understand that this market is being undermined by

producers of ammonium alum, please see comparison page There has been some alarm expressed about the link between the synthetic chemical parabens(a preservative) found in breast tissue.......the source is generally accepted as coming from antiperspirants. Parabens mimic the female hormone o estrogen, abnormal levels of which are linked to the growth of cancer.

Several studies in the last few years, including the University of Reading which is mentioned in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, have discovered parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer These results were seen to be inconclusive. Another study highlighted an increased risk for people who shave and use anti-perspirants.

The cosmetics industry insists that their ingredients are regulated and safe and that most deodorants no longer contain parabens! However, these synthetic products are appearing in our bodies - which is at the very least worth questioning especially since there is a perfect alternative.A renewable resource a part of earth process.The crude rock crystals are replenished by the processes of nature!!!! Informed choice as consumers will allow the unnecessary use of antiperspirants to die. Walk away.

Although urination and excretion remove more waste products, than perspiration, the skin is the largest organ in the body and the use of antiperspirants which contain unnatural substances,interfere with the normal processes that eliminate toxins,

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pure-natural-deodorant crystal is a caring way to make a wholesome gift that educates and amazingly,lasts and.................... lasts.

Try it and you will use it for the rest of your life too.

For the grown and aware woman in your life a subtle and elegant addition to the bathroom.

elegant packaging

natural packaging

For the clear thinking man and simplified mornings deodorant-on-a-rope makes a great and convenient gift.

natural personal hygiene

natural personnal care

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