Pure-natural-deodorant........... allergic assistant?

Pure natural deodorant is a renewable resource,the mineral Alum is a natural element,it is present in our water ways,in the air we breathe, and ........ in the food we eat.

We naturally ingest 25-60 milligrams a day from food and water sources!

Remember, available for our use on body odor since before the dinosaurs!

Alum is the 3rd most abundant element in nature and composes 8 percent of the earth's crust. And therefore sensible consumers can be encouraged to help themselves whilst having a minimal foot repair kits this is a homemade video it may get better later. and for information about the toxiceffect particularlyaerosol deodorants effect on the planet and the bio-systems.

For some people the allergy season just never seems to end,symptoms like runny nose, congestion,irritable and irritating eyes can really detract from a comfortable lifestyle.Common airborne allergies such as result from different plant pollens, from all sorts of animals.....dogs ,horses, cats,dust that sweeps in south from the Sahara, dust mites and for some the metal nickel in coinage. Also airborne industrial matter which adds to the soup if the air blows in the wrong way:


The immune system is a complex system of defence that starts with the epidermis protecting the whole body from infections. The skin is in effect the organ with the largest surface area. So called rashes are the immune response.

As you know I live in the semi arid regions of Southern Spain. Most of our days are dusty. The sun can be un-remitting.Contrary winds can rustle up and add to the melee. We live in a Mongolian-style yurt, with the modification of lift up sides. This adaptation emulates the tents and habitations of Moorish peoples. Cooling the ground outside? We have mosquito-netting on the inner wall which can be relatively cool and fly free. My strategy is to set up an atmosphere inside the yurt by spraying the deodorant as an air freshener as I can be very susceptible to airborne dust and some types of pollen.

personal natural hygiene

I would like to share some of the multi-purpose uses I have found for the potassium alum and I would love to hear other people's opinion.

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As a child in Southern Africa I was prone to all sort of eruptions,acne and allergic skin reactions. I tended to use a mixture of talcum powder and bi carbonate of soda as a deodorant; After all sorts of research I had found that I just could not use anything else...And grown upped-ness did not bring much relief.

Until, nearly 14 years ago when a friend recommended trying Tawas Crystal rock. I wet my hands and rubbed the crystal into a fine film over my skin. Metals, particularly nickel(money) cause an adverse reaction. After a couple of applications the alum crystal soothed and worked...and works.I have recommended this product for young and not so young acne sufferers as it protects the skin from its own bacteria in a very slightly ph acid film on the skin. This is for me the most

pure-natural-deodorant I was working as a reflexologist and I could well understand people's reactions to hands and arms covered in scratchy rash.!!!!

Although urination and excretion remove more waste products, than perspiration, the skin is the largest organ in the body and the use of antiperspirants which use complex manufactured substances,interfere with the normal processes that eliminate toxins.

personnal natural care

Pure-natural-deodorant has the function of helping to evaporate the skin surface as well as being cooling and refreshing, with no potentially accumulative after-effects. I would heartily recommend using the alum crystal after foot massage.

Another African 'medical' aid .............mud. An excellent way of ridding the feet of toxins is to cover your feet with clay or 'mud slippers'.Sip a lovely fruit juice under an umbrella and you can enjoy the sun safely.

I am very interested in ordinary products and that we dont lose this workable living knowledge- for example- vinegar your mum can use this for cleaning windowsand the multitude of uses for BICARBONATE OF SODA


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