pure-natural-deodorant applied to the healing art of reflexology

The open-sandal-ed life we lead out here in the desert,definitively encourages care of the feet. Hence an active interest in reflexology and extensive use of this

personal hygiene

pure-natural-deodorant .Weary, eco-tourists (with dirty feet) can be easily persuaded to put their feet into a refreshing bowl of water(ice-cubes optional) that contains the Tawas crystal mineral. This gently deodorizes the feet, without embarrassment and the pressure-process of reflexology may begin.

Also from the point of view of the reflexologist,dusting the hands with the pure-natural-deodorant in the form of talcum powder provides a discrete barrier.


p u r e - b l i s s

A practitioner of reflexology applies pressure to parts of the body,(in most cases the foot) which has a correspondence or relationships with the other organs.

The intention is to restore balance and allow self-healing to begin.

Crystalline deposits are said to build up in the feet causing energy blockages and affecting the related organs within zones. The system involves dividing the body into 10 Longitudinal zones(imaginary lines initiating from the toes and continuing in roughly parallel lines to the top of the head) crossed by 5 transverse zones which produce a grid.

The presence of these deposits allows a foot 'reading' to the recipient of reflexology and the one giving the massage.

Treatment involves firm but gentle compression which breaks down the tiny crystals. Gentle pressure must be re-stated........ as it can actually be quite painful to re-establish the energy flow.

People with pace makers or gallstones should consult with their doctors. Also not advisable during pregnancy.

Dusting the inner shoe or spraying your feet with

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