Pure-Natural-Deodorant and Synthesized Crystals Compared

This industry became a phenomenal growth industry nearly 30 years ago in other words it has become an abundant and verdant wealth industry as normal people sought a natural local solution to a global and socio-historical concern.

Personal hygiene is a continuing and has been a historical-social concern.Here was a natural deodorant for the market that was a renewable resource, had been tested and understood in the Asiatic world for centuries, Tawas,the little white stone has a long and gentle history and was pure and safe for our planet, animals and waterways. Here was valuable information and the industry which began to grow. Perfect! an all natural market and promoted honestly as such became a very successful market.


Here was a natural deodorant for the market that was a renewable resource, had been tested and understood in the Asiatic world for centuries. To-day, crystal deodorants are being drowned out by synthetic, chemically manufactured look-a-likes, (which are cheaper to produce) and powerful multi-national brand names with ´´natural labels¨ are intending to take over and flood the market.Thirty years ago as this market was beginning to evolve, people particularly in the west, were not aware of this significant little white crystal.But now, demand for crystal deodorants has drastically increased and manufacturers have found cheaper ways to produce crystal deodorants, and the cheapest and most commonly used raw material is ammonium alum.You will be amazed where alum powder may be used please see the Toxin page

Genuine tawas crystal

There are two types of raw materials used for producing deodorant crystals: For chemical formula click here
Natural potassium alum crystal, which is an entirely natural occurring mineral salt. Natural potassium alum crystal is translucent crystalline mineral rock with cracks and veins.

It is odourless, chemical free, alcohol free, hypo-allergenic, non-staining, and non-irritating ideal for a wide range of allergies. It is routinely extracted throughout the world, especially Turkey, in other areas around the Mediterranean, Andes in South America and the Philippines.

Synthetic ammonium alum crystal, which is chemically manufactured. Synthetic alum is chemically synthesized by mixing aluminium hydroxide (ATH) with ammonium sulphate in acid. After additional chemical reactions and mixtures, the final product is ammonium alum powder. The alum powder is then pressed to form deodorant stones or crystals, which appear as a white, opaque, solid stone. When the synthetic deodorant stone is rubbed onto the body a small trace of aluminium hydroxide is also placed on the skin. The presence of aluminium hydroxide (ATH), a cosmetic blending agent, in the manufacturing process of the synthetic deodorant crystal results in the crystal appearing completely uniform and opaque. Please consult Wikipedia as I am not very scientifically minded. Beyond the obvious difference of one stone being natural, and one being synthetic, there is the visual difference.Genuine transparent deodorant Crystals are translucent with fissures and cracks, which is why I am marketing Genuine Tawas Crystal as pure-natural-deodorant.

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