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Greetings to all who find their way to this page. I want to encourage links from folk who demonstrate a zest for life and are looking for solutions as a way of life. Pioneering the internet from the vantage of the Tabernas desert.

The first site I would like to introduce you to has a clear perspective of how life ebbs and flows around the desert. Smart Insider Travel Guide to Almeria (Spain), a Top holiday paradise in Southern Spain.. An abundance of Photos, Maps and detailed information.

For those of you nomads who are migrating back to the U.K.you may like to watch this video.

The geog-physical resources here are abundant.The scenery is 'estupendo!'

And for those who want to taste the Sahara and ride camels in morroco, do have a look at this pristine little website

Introducing butterflies which herald transformation. Really natural-cosmetic preparations, carefully delivered in Spain. This knowledgeable young person from northern Spain, really knows her business and hand makes skin preparations for all ages. (creams,soaps and washes, from natural and well blended materials.) The butterfly is known for the distinct changes in its life process, and its erratic flight into beauty and maturity.The events like birth,weddings and birthdays in our lives mark these changes.Women´s skins change and have different needs almost all the way through life. I particularly found the Calendula based cream ideal, for my skin which is always under siege out here in the desert.

This young person also has much to say and says it well about natural cosmetics.So much is unnecessary in the beauty world.For your important occasion, maybe your wedding please visit tylersmineralmakeup

In keeping with new and unusual home remedies I would love someone´s opinion of this one. gallstones pain, targetting only gallstones could be a problem for me :( Beets have been found useful in dandruff treatment. Both tops and roots should be boiled in water and this water should be massaged into the scalp with the finger tips every night. And also to invite you to leave all sorts of these herbal-simples and recipes on my the therapy garden page

If you are interested in natural solutions to your energy needs then you would enjoy visiting SENOR SOLAR

Here is another site that can help with traffic generation perhaps from the green point of view

I love my home in the desert but you may like to see these poignant expressions of the spirit. Ruth Housley Fine Art

This is a growing page and there will be more discoveries included here. We live in an earthquake zone on the edge of the techtonic plate and therefore as reasonably intelligent beings try to keep in touch with relevant information. please enjoy this widget.

If you would like to make a reciprocal link; a real value for value exchange please go to my contact page and join The value exchange program which is open to all net users but particularly small businesses, a true resource of the world wide web and it is free. Although it must also be said that if you own a Solo Build It site you get extra access to working tools.


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