Pure natural deodorant.............take it anywhere.............I did.

Hello, My name is Brigitte, I brought the pure-natural-deodorant with me 12 years ago,and it is still proving its worth. My skin is sensitive and reacts rapidly, especially to the heat.

This is the only desert in Europe. I have a passion for self sufficiency, which certainly stretches the envelope of what is possible. Employment here is very difficult for all. One of my options was to promote the pure-natural-deodorant via the internet.

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From a background of festivals in England, my partner, Laurence and I came to Spain in our 'Hippy-bus' (with a 100pounds sterling), and unable to speak the language, to learn to do it from the ground up. No more eco-talk,lets do it.

Integrate and share.

Our idea was to find 12 ecologically inclined people,(the only religion or politics here are greenish), who we call Land guardians,we have made a pact, the land first and whole and no fences. We found a piece of land 120 acres that nobody wanted,including the Spanish.For all those things,legal and local, as an ex-patriate that you might need to know, I think you might find these people very useful.

AngloINFO Almería
and also these people have a pragmatic what works scenario
Do not be deceived by the next picture

how pure-natural-deodorant stay on line

as an amazingly well informed young man has helped the ad hoc hippies stay connected to the internet, if you are in Andalusia,Spain, he can help you with Solar Panels/batteries

This is where I work from.krys3ty's map homepage Twelve years later,after much in the way of tears,all sorts of recycling and entertaining 5 Eco-festivals, we are finding a way that works.

This is the home of Spaghetti Westerns.Apart from the incredible,achingly-stark beauty here, the people are tough,generous,subtle, have a zest for life and have made us very welcome.

Andalusia means walking in the light...... and that is how it feels. The symbol for Andalusia is a little stick man with his arms extended holding onto the rainbow with both hands. As the people of Andalusia see it......... No religion, No politics,my head and my heart are my own, and I hold the rainbow in my hands.

We are home. We are doing something real about our carbon footprint.We have opened a social club, called Desert Stars Film Club where we show a rather eclectic range of films and run an open mike for musicians,on alternating Fridays. This has generated a lot of support for our project.

For the last 4 years I have been struggling with the help of so called 'egg-spurts' to sell these beautiful pure-natural-deodorant- crystals on line. (Don't forget technology is still catching up here.)For hot climates and desert-living this is truely a product worth having in your arsenal.I use it in so many ways as a deodorant,soother and particularly as an insect mask (hate flies).

Gentlemen with mysterious body odors take note,you can imagine Neanderthal man crushing the crystal and covering himself with the resultant talc as a method of masking his smell from other creatures..............PARTICULARLY flies!! A pure and natural deodorant is particularly important in hot climates.(If you are particular!!)

potassium alum


A glimmer came with ebay which resulted in a very modest, home built informational and free website which was a great learning curve, and I never sold anything from it.!!! And then magic arrived in the form of the boss of Tawas Deodorant Crystals. He believed in me and said Bri (nickname) S...B.....I..........it.! And so I find myself here.This product has proved useful to allsorts of local people.But to make it self-supporting I must use the internet to distribute a natural resource, that serves as a neat personal hygiene solution.

Getting there!!

If you want to get there, take the Solo Build It capsule, and without prior knowledge of html etc., you can actually see your website growing block by block,(they do the tekkie thing) envision your future, with the help of a guru in your ear.

I Love Solo Build It!

Hard work but when you make the jump......what exhilaration! S...B...I...it...!

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