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Genuine Tawas Crystals,the pure natural deodorant, a range of products offering different ways to integrate this transparent crystal into your life style.

Please,enjoy choosing the one that best suits your mode of being.

Marcas de aceptación

This is a little special for Spain. ¨La Piedra Alumbre¨The harmless little white crystal. A very economical way to try out this little marvel!(should last 2-3 months.)

crystal tablet

pure natural deodorant

2,50Euros(1,50P+P Spain)

tawas crystals

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Tawas Crystal Deodorant Spray 125 ml / 4.41 oz

Pure natural deodorant in PETG Plastic Bottle with hand-pump sprayer.

One of my favourites,deals with body odours efficiently,is ideal for animal beds and to bring down the dust,restoring the ambiance and freshness of the air. Ideal for underarms and feet. and soothing insect bites. Ideal for desert life. Also good for shards of small broken crystals and great idea for airports.(throw out the water and top up when you're through customs.)

Don't be without it when you are travelling in hot climates.

7,00Euros(1,50P+P Spain)


The Talcum powder. Finely, powdered crystal, with a multitude of uses. Lightly sprinkle inside your shoes or socks to keep your feet fresh all day.

In a foot-bath, sprinkle a sachet of pure-natural-deodorant in cool water and soak your feet for twenty minutes. This simple treatment is beneficial for Athletes Foot and also helpful to soothe acne.

6,50 Euros + 1,50 Euros (P+P in spain)

wysiwyg transparent crystal transparent little crystal

Gift boxes. Pure-natural-deodorant. Both gift boxes contain a hand-carved transparent crystal of 120g.

You can select to have a presentation box as a present ,,,,let us know.

24 hour protection or until the skin is washed. Contains nothing man-made or synthetic.

10,00 Euros+1,50Euros(P+P in Spain)

birthday greetings

Body Crystal

A clear crystal of 120g carved by hand, in a bamboo basket, protected by a small cotton bag.

Ideal for hanging in the bathroom or slipping into your handbag.

Anyone in the family can use it.

Handy in the car and picnics for soothing insect bites.

10,50 Euros + 1,50 Euros(P+P in Spain)

The Travel Crystal.

80g Clear Crystals carved and nestling in authentic Cowrie shells of the Pacific Ocean. (Natural Packaging!) In these days of high airport security this particular product is ideal to pack in your luggage or makes an elegant addition to your bathroom.

Economical,will last for at least a year.

14,50Euros + 1,50 Euros(P+P in Spain)

tiger cowry shell

Once you try this pure natural deodorant you will want to use it for the rest of your life and want your friends and family to try it.

Very economical, should last a year or more.

This is just perfect.

n e w p r o d u c t

Genuine Tawas crystal have added this new product to there range.

Transparent clear crystal deodorant-on-a-rope compact and ideal for hanging anywhere.

Pure-natural-deodorant,beautifully presented in a bamboo basket as a thoughtful present.

User friendly.

Especially good for preventing escape in the shower.The rope is firmly secured. Made of natural fiber.

Useful for insect bites.

After shaving it is soothing and refreshing.

Pure-natural-deodorant protection for 24 hours or until the skin is washed.

10,00 Euros+ 1,50 Euros (P+P in Spain)

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