Sensitive Skin, a Big problem

by Dave

For years I have tried different deodorants and aftershaves to no avail, always developing a skin rash.

We all like to smell nice, especially when working or socialising, in fact, all the time. (Only your closest mates could tell you, Boy you smell awful.)
This was a big problem , embarrassed and self conscious I became more of a recluse.
Moving to a hotter climate, I was even more reluctant to go out.
One friend was starting a business selling natural deodorising crystals, I tried them, no skin rash and a 100% improvement in my social life.
I can now recommend all the Tawas products.
The Big bonus, I am helping the environment just using the crystals, that makes me Eco-Friendly!
Good luck Tawas Crystals,
Lets spread the word,
Dave (The Butcher.)

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