Therapy-gardens are an act of self defence.

A therapy garden is in line with the work of finding solutions. I believe in self-sufficiency and looking for solutions.I had spent many frustrating years with an allergy to nickel and this had been very off putting for others when I massaged their feet. Gloves are not satisfactory for a reflexologist.
I live in a minimalistic way in a semi-arid zone of the Tabernas desert in Andalucia, Spain. We are part of an eco-logical endeavour to protect the land.Self-sufficiency and survival are the big issues here. We have practised the concept of small is beautiful. The biggest battle is to find ways of growing plants for food and medicine.Perennial issues for any group of people. Also at a practical level I have found these people really provide good

herbal seeds This quotation from Thomas Edison means a lot to me.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison

therapy garden

Courtesy of the world-wide-web I have been able to stay in touch with the world and we have been visited by people from all over Europe. I would like to invite your opinions and ideas about a therapy garden or environment that encourages self healing. The concept itself is simple,I will collect 12 herbs that help the skin and undertake to learn and pass on each one. Many cultures before our own collected information about moon-lore,medicinal herbs, about water,plants and animals and passed them down generation after generation, that is LIVING-KNOWLEDGE.

If you would like to read more anecdotal and garnered information about this little crystal please go to my

wordpress link and jot your comments in, I am always searching for little items about this zany little stone...

How can you repair the planet a little every day?

Therapy Gardens

I have no wish to rant,as I like to be effective,but it would seem that conglomerates and multinationals behave in ethically illegal ways.(genetic modification as a component issue)

Overbearing world wide tactics are slowly withdrawing seed-banks and
information,from our living knowledge.Alternative Health,Herbal plants particularly,the frontiers of
self help/self-sufficiency,are again under-pressure.
As reasonably sentient adults we have the right to learn and choose.

Even the royal Family use Homoeopathy!!
Under the guise of codifying and categorising plants and herbs, our
collective resources are being commandeered by the few.I believe wholeheartedly in an attitude of self-dense and would say that as a specie we have preserved much of our plant lore because
they were food , medicine,aromatics,preservatives in other words they were in use.

I believe we can use an ancient method so that it is a natural way of life: poetry, sing-song,smells to engender memory,all balanced with practicality.

My proposal is this, if each of us undertake to grow learn and intimately understand 12 herbs or plants or trees in our life time and therefore pass on living knowledge, plants and seeds then we preserve in local consciousness and
for our children's children.
Preserve living knowledge eg´. aspirin comes from
the leaves and bark of the willow tree.
Invite people into your therapy garden,aromatic terraces, in a pleasing environment that encourages self-healing and engenders growth.

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Dear Bri, saw your article and very interested in the idea, but living just down the road to you at Los Molinos with no computer, do not think can commite …

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therapise your garden with epsom salts

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Calling all the curious and young at heart......

Would you like to make a crystal garden?¿ It is so easy and safe with your mums deodorant crystal!!!! You need to know 3 things.

What is a solid-

What is a liquid-

What is a solute-

Chemistry in action!! Magic!

Take the solid, the bits from your mum's pure natural deodorant, keep adding water and stirring in bits of crystal until they dissolve,do thoroughly again! Pour into a little tray and leave in sunlight from a kitchen window.After a few days you will have a lively crystal garden. Choose the best one!!!.... Fill a jar to 3/4with water and keep stirring in bits of crystal until the water cannot dissolve it any more Tie up this little crystal with cotton thread and hang from a pencil over a jar, make sure the solid(crystal) is in the (solute)liquid.

potassium sulphate crystals


Grumbley. P-s- you will remember this bit of chemistry all your lives and when you remember pass this on to your children.We did this at school with copper sulphate crystals. I have never forgotten.